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Casio G-Shock MR-G MRGG2000HT-1A Hammer Tone Bluetooth $7,400 Watch Hands-On

The flagship timepiece for Japanese Casio at Baselworld 2017 is the technologically novel and artistically compelling G-Shock “Mr. G” MRGG2000HT-1A with the new “Casio Connect” Bluetooth functionality. The MRGG2000HT is an updated version of the G-Shock MRGG1000HT from 2016 (hands-on here) – both of which feature “hammer tone” hand-hammered finish on the hardened titanium cases. […]

Casio Edifice EQB501 Watches

Modern day digital watches are extremely accurate and also clever. Digital watch giant Casio already has a range of high-tech G-Shock watches that combine GPS and atomic clock radio signals to keep perfect time. However, it goes without saying that these watches often cost a pretty penny more than your average G-Shock. Fortunately, there is now […]

Casio G-Shock MRG-G1000HT ‘Hammer Tone’ Limited Edition Watch

Side of Casio G-Shock MRG-G1000HT ‘Hammer Tone’ 04

Casio presented the Hammer Tone MR-G. The G-Shock MRG-G1000HT is a special edition created using the Japanese ‘Tsuiki’ technique,it is celerate the 20th anniversary of Casio’s high-end watch. The watch also has Oboro-gin and Akagane highlights which are traditional Japanese crafting materials. Oboro-gin is a dark silver hue while Akagane is a copper alloy with […]

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