Cartier Santos 100 Carbon & Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon Watches

After enduring another brutal winter, Cartier chose to not await the colonists to arrive, but sailed for France with a quantity of what he believed were diamonds and gold, which was found near the Quebec camp.Along just how, Cartier ceased in Newfoundland and encountered Roberval, who purchased Cartier to return together to Quebec. As opposed to follow this command, Cartier sailed away under cover of the night. When he came back in France, however, the minerals he brought were found to have no worth. Cartier received no more royal commissions, and will stay at his estate at Saint-Malo for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, the Roberval’s colonists abandoned the idea of a permanent settlement after barely a year, and it’d be over 50 years before France again revealed interest in its North American claims.It is not simple to make the sensation of flexibility and movement when you’re working with some of the world’s toughest gemstones.Yet, through skilful setting and craftsmanship and with a little help from technology these days — jewellery maisons have been making amazing strides in this way. So much so, that French maison Cartier has committed a whole collection to this theme with its new Résonances de Cartier, which last month celebrated the next chapter of its launching at its New York City flagship store.The planet’s biggest jewelry and watch brand concerning combined sales generates more than two thirds of gains for Swiss parent Richemont, but observe earnings have dwindled relentlessly while jewelry sales have boomed.

Cartier is announcing the release of two classics refreshed in a black ADLC coating. Not the first pieces from the brand done in a carbon coating, the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon and the Cartier Ballon Blue De Cartier Carbon watches retain the brand’s storied heritage while offering buyers a blacked-out piece. Though not really new or original, the black cases add a younger and more contemporary flair to these classic watches. Fans of Cartier will appreciate the ruggedness that these models afford while keeping in line with their classy appeal, along with the ADLC protection and whatever perceived “edge” a black coating brings with it.

Cartier has been making ADLC watches for several years now, like the Santos 100 Carbon version in gold, but are releasing these more affordable non-gold pieces with their newer in-house movement. At the time of its release many fans were skeptical, but grew to love the ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) and its durable attributes. Here was a Cartier you could maybe even wear to the gym without babying it or worrying about scratches. Cartier claims that the ADLC is superior to PVD coating, and the increased scratch-resistance and an amazingly hard surface are just a few of its benefits which also include increased shock-resistance. You might not equate these elements with your typical Cartier, but here you have them in full force along with two renowned styles.

The Cartier B Love And Hip Hop Santos 100 Carbon comes as a “large model” in an ADLC-coated steel case measuring 51.1mm x 41.3mm. The other new release, the Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon is also housed in an ADLC-coated steel case that is 42mm wide. Each model features lume-treated sword hands so while you don’t get the classic Cartier blue, you do get increased legibility. Water resistance is 3 bar, and both are topped off with sapphire crystals. As always, the crowns receive special treatment with the Cartier Ballon Bleu Carbon featuring the blue synthetic spinel cabochon and the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon with a blue faceted synthetic spinel.

Each watch is outfitted with the in-house calibre 1847 MC. The automatic 1847 MC features a 42-hour power reserve. The Cartier Santos 100 Carbon and the Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon represent a shift forward in design attitude while amassing even more fans with their newly added in-house movements. I am hard-pressed to find a Cartier watch that I don’t appreciate in at least some way, and each of these models maintain their distinctive attributes while offering something new and fresh in the Cartier line.

Each piece is offered on a seductive black calf-skin strap featuring steel and ADLC buckles. These bolder-looking pieces might draw in a younger demographic, especially when considering that they’re priced just a few hundred dollars more than their non-ADLC siblings. Pricing for the Cartier Santos 100 Carbon is $7,600 while the Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon will fetch $6,

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