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Linde Werdelin Oktopus BluMoon Watch & Reef Dive Instrument Review

The Oktopus is Linde Werdelin’s line of dive watches, and having had the pleasure of owning an yellow Oktopus II watch, I was pretty excited about reviewing their new Linde Werdelin Oktopus BluMoon. For some background, this independent Danish watch brand makes contemporary avant-garde sports watches, but also dabbles in much more. Besides experimenting with high tech modern materials such as […]

Brand New Linde Werdelin LW 10-24 GMT ‘Traveller’s’ Watch

In honor of the tenth anniversary of their first release, the Founders watch, Linde Werdelin are releasing their third-generation line with the LW 10-24 GMT watch. Linde Werdelin are building upon their tradition of crafting timepieces that fit a specific aesthetic with a GMT watch that serves to offer a watch-plus-instrument that can become a traveller’s best companion. […]

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