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MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches

Sponsored Post MSTR Watches (pronounced “Meister”) is excited to release our first set of automatic watches. Since we started MSTR seven years ago, it has always been our dream to add automatic watches to our lineup, but the high costs of the movements made it difficult. Thanks to the rise of crowdfunding, we are finally able […]

3 Best Fashion Watch Brands

The term “fashion watch” has a negative connotation with watch enthusiasts, conjuring up images of a department store jewelry case stuffed with anonymous, chintzy-looking watches, likely powered by a low-rent quartz movement. Odds are these are cheap watches, not made to particularly good (at least in the eyes of a watch nerd) finish or quality, […]

The Hands-On with BandLiners

When, one day a few weeks ago, we received an email entitled “BandLiners”, I opened it with some trepidation. We get a lot of odd emails from brands, factories and internet marketing companies, so I wasn’t sure if this was going to be legit or not. What I found was a strange, but oddly ingenious […]

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