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SalonQP 2014: An Ever-Personal Encounter With The World Of Horology

2014 marked my second attendance, and more importantly, the sixth edition of the British watch exhibition called SalonQP, held at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Last year, in my comprehensive article about the event, I referred to it as a “most personal exhibition of fine watches, remarkable brands and astoundingly difficult crafts,” and I was curious to see […]

AkriviA AK-06 Watch Hands-On

Geneva-based boutique high-end watch maker AkriviA debuted their first non-tourbillon watch at Baseworld 2017, the AK-06. The AkriviA AK-06 might not have the sexiest name, but the watch itself is a lovely testament to our love of individually produced mechanical watches. The movement itself is a minor masterpiece, and I think offering a non-tourbillon watch […]