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Movement Hands-On Series Episode 2: A Movement Conceived And Made Entirely By The Same Independent Watchmaker

Welcome to the second installment in our Movement Hands-On series, an irregular series of articles where we scrutinize and analyze unique and interesting calibers. In part one, we took a close look at the highly unusual movement of the MB&F HM6 Space Pirate here, and today, we continue with the work of another – although in some important ways very different – independent […]

Bexei Primus Triple-Axis Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

“My first wristwatch was a triple-axis tourbillon” is a statement that would sound totally unbelievable even from a renowned watch collector – so how did it all work out when it came from then-29-year-old independent watchmaker, Aaron Becsei? The Bexei Primus triple-axis tourbillon is indeed the first wristwatch Aaron – the third generation in a successful watch restorer-repairer family – […]