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Top 10 Space-Themed Watches

Be it space or spaceship, the watches below are some of the coolest modern watches which honor or make actual use of elements far from the Earth. Imaginative watchmakers use meteorite dials or design their cases and movements to look like spaceships. We love this stuff and as traditional as watchmaking is, these timepieces are […]

Vianney Halter Deep Space (9) Tourbillon Watch Is Trekkie’s Wet Dream

Vianney Halter gained famed for his unorthodox design and arguable creation of the high-end steampunk watch market. A known science fiction junkie, Halter’s mixed reputation in the watch industry ranges from positive concerning his vision, to negative concerning his follow-through in “completing” his work. After many years of relative silence (about seven), Halter returns with a new […]