Do rarone mechanical watches have to be placed on the shaker if they are not worn?

Mechanical watches generally stop as long as they are stopped. If the mechanical watch is stopped for many years, it may cause problems with the watch movement. In fact, there will be no problems, but in order to avoid problems, the watch is designed. The purpose of the watch and shaker is to imitate the shaking wrist when people wear the watch.
But the general mechanical sporte mens watches stop for half a month, or even a month or two, there will be no problem. In fact, the precision customers of the watch shaker have many watches themselves, and some watches are only worn a few times a year. These Only need to shake the meter. If you don’t wear the same watch every time for a month or two, there is no need to use a shaker, just put it in the watch box.
In fact, these are mechanical products, but everyone has little contact, and I always feel that I do n’t understand, say one that everyone knows, such as a car, if you do n’t drive your car for two months, put it in the garage and then drive It’s alright. But if your car does n’t drive for a few years, then it ’s possible to go wrong again. This is the same reason. So do n’t worry too much about it, just use it yourself