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INTERVIEW: Manfred Brassler About Meistersinger’s Unique and Recognizable Single-Handed Watches

Next year (in 2016) Meistersinger, the brand that is known for their unique single-handed watches, celebrate their 15th anniversary. In these fifteen years Meistersinger has become a success story of an independent watch brand that had a clear vision right from the start. In design, philosophy and style, Meistersinger has become very recognizable and now it’s […]

Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

It has already been 10 years ago, since Giuliano Mazzuoli set foot into the world of watchmaking with his rather unusually shaped wrist watch. Mazzuoli’s first watch was inspired by a manometro, which means ‘pressure gauge’ in Italian. Although the Manometro’s shape is not unique (remember Fred Dingemans’s d.m.h timepieces?) his timepieces are certainly very cool […]

Introducing The Ressence Type 1 V Genesis, the 5th anniversary edition with a raw prototype look (Live pics, specs price)

Ressence is an unusual watch brand. It doesn’t come from Switzerland, Germany, or even the Netherlands, but from Belgium. The watches do not display time by means of hands, however they display time through a very unique system of planetary discs and the setting / winding mechanism is integrated in the caseback. Clearly, this young startup […]

Customizable Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Watch – Armin Strom Puts It into Top Gear at Gumball 3000

Since Armin Strom’s make-over at the hands of owner, Serge Michel, and director and master watchmaker, Claude Greisler, the brand has created an innovative line of watches true to their skeletonized past, but infused with attitude. Part of that attitude, from the renewed beginning, has been an association with motorsport, which began at the upper […]

New Kid on the Block, Garrick, Furthers UK Horological Tradition – The new Garrick Hoxton SM302

In 2014, new names joined the British bastion: businessman David Brailsford teamed up with watchmaking wizard Simon Michlmayr to form Garrick, and the Shaftesbury SM301 was their inaugural watch. If today your first thought of a luxury watch is something Swiss, Garrick wants to occupy the map of possibilities with a new British offering, the […]