The meaning and practice of skeletonized watches

All the devices on the entire dial are exposed in front of the watch is a skeleton watch. If you use a metaphor that you are most familiar with to tell you what is a hollow watch, it is a paper cuts. What these two arts have in common is that there are molding patterns, the extra parts need to be removed from the patterns, the craftsmanship must be skillful, and the finished products have no extra cumbersomeness.
Questioned, most of the skeleton watches are all the devices of the entire dial exposed to the front. The master watchmaker uses an ordinary movement as a basis, first drills the part that needs to be hollowed into a small hole with a needle, removes excess metal, and then uses a carving knife to modify all edges to angled bevels and carve the movement face into different picture of.
In this extremely aesthetic process, the hindrance of seeing through the underlying movement must also be reduced to the lowest level. Therefore, the production of mens skeleton watches is a very difficult process, and it is by no means one of the types of watches that everyone can do.