watch can satisfy people’s feelings for the complex and dynamic of machinery

The mechanical skeleton watch can satisfy people’s feelings for the complicated and dynamic mechanism, but the mechanical movement is not only to satisfy people’s feelings. After all, the original intention of the clock invention is to facilitate people’s grasp of time.
Nowadays, people confirm that time is not limited to clocks and watches, but watch is more used as decoration. However, many watch brands are still willing to work hard on “time” of watches, so as to develop watches with many functions, such as tourbillon, long power, moon phase, three questions, etc. Among these functions, long power is perhaps the least noticeable. It’s really because the long power mechanical watch can’t compare with the quartz watch. If it’s not as long as a month, it won’t be mentioned in the relevant news. Otherwise, it’s really stupid to compare your own short with others’ long ones. But in many functions, especially when accuracy has been popularized to some extent, long power is the most practical one, but because there are too few reports about long power, many people ignore its existence.
When you select the mens watch, you seldom ask the clerk how long the power storage of the watch is, especially the automatic one. Everyone is used to wearing the watch all day long and walking all the time every day. If you don’t go, readjust the time and turn the spring for a few turns. Therefore, there is no concept of the power storage of the watch. Long power is not only a function, but also a reflection of the future development trend of wristwatches, and a sign of the strength of major brands’ R & D. Therefore, many wristwatch brands now put the power storage in an increasingly important position, and they are racking their brains for how to realize the long power of mechanical watches.