Which one should you give priority to when buying a watch?

In the past, watches were used to keep track of time at any time, so first pay attention to the practicality of the watch, pay attention to the accuracy of the watch, and then make the watch more refined. And now people who do n’t leave their phones want to know the time is too easy, so the practicality of the function of the watch is not so strong, so now buy a sports watch, which value and practical should be given priority Practical priority, some people still buy watches because of its convenient functions, such as watching time, if you hurriedly walk on the road, just raise your hand if you want to know the time.
For example, the dual time zone function, if a person often goes abroad, countries with time difference, then the mens Casual Watches with dual time zone function is more convenient, the time in both places will be displayed, more convenient for working arrangements. Face value has priority, regardless of whether you accept it or not, today is an era of looking at faces, and high face value is dominant at certain times. Watches can also be classified in the category of accessories.
Since they are accessories, of course, the face value will be the first. When matching clothes and raising your hands, everyone sees the appearance of the watch. At present, there are very few people who really understand the movement structure of watches. Many people buy them to show their personal stability and taste. Only high-value watches can attract others’ eyes and make others because of your better aesthetics. , And have a good impression on you.