June 25, 2024

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By aBlogtoRead.com Reader Wrist Time Reviews

One of your fellow readers recently purchased a watch that he was so passionate about, he spontaneously wrote a short review of it and I thought it was worth sharing with you. This is especially due to the good value of the watch, and that it is a relatively unknown US based watch company. The brand is Bernhardt watches that is based out of North Carolina. They have an impressive line of watches that use everything from quartz to mechanical movements of Swiss or Japanese origin. This specific model is near the top of their line. While it does have a conservative good look to it, it is anything but generic. While two different watches are pictured, the Globemaster model that my reader is referring to is the black diver’s bezel version. This is a rare type of watch because it has a GMT hand complication, but a rotating diver’s bezel instead of a 24 hour bezel (as seen on the other pictured model). It is important to note that movement inside is not your standard ETA GMT movement. Bernhardt took an ETA 2826 movement and modified it with a GMT complication. The standard ETA 2836 has a day and date complication, but that was removed to make for a GMT hand that jumps to each hour. Pretty clever.

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By aBlogtoRead.com Reader Wrist Time Reviews

With good looks on any man’s wrist, this is a good example of American ingenuity and practicality in product design. The Globemaster watch may be just what you are looking for is want a solid good mechanical watch that is easy to live with and will insprise confidence in your ability to rely on it. Plus, with a price of just $449, you’ll have trouble figuring out what some other watch companies are even charging for. So please read the below review from someone just like you:

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