May 27, 2024

Major watch brands have always used the Chinese lunar zodiac as inspiration when designing watches. The Year of the Tiger is one of their top priorities. Many watch brands launched limited-edition watches this year to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Many of these watches feature the shape of the Tiger while others use the tiger pattern. Both are worth the effort. TAG Heuer recently launched a limited edition watch to commemorate the Year of the Tiger. Many watch enthusiasts love its unique design.

Jack Heuer designed the Carrera series to honor the Carrera Pan American Road Race in 1963. It has been the most iconic watch series of the brand after years of development. This limited edition watch, which was launched in June, is based on the Carrera series watches and incorporates tiger elements. It offers a unique timepiece for customers.

The Tiger Yahoo Year Limited Edition watch’s dial doesn’t have any obvious tiger elements. Instead, it uses a mixture of calm and dark stripes to highlight the fur characteristics. The lighter blue tiger is one of them. The leather pattern is made from horizontal brushed metal and blue PVD coating. The dark stripes are embellished with paint texture. Its subtle, natural design is easy to match with any outfit.

The strap is very well designed, as well as the dial style. The strap made of blue calfskin is embellished in two gold stitches to echo the dial’s color. These details emphasize the elegance of TAG Heuer watchmaking.

It is worth looking at the style of the Year of the Tiger limited edition watch’s bottom cover. The brand designer didn’t place a tiger motif on the dial but boldly displayed the “blue & black Tiger” theme on the sapphire glass bottom cover. This not only guarantees the watch’s practicality but also perfectly matches the theme. The watch’s back also has the “ONEOF300” inscription. This signifies that the watch is limited to 300 copies, making it very collectible. The watch’s Calibre 5 selfwinding movement can be seen through the back of its case. The movement has a 38-hour battery life when fully wound and is waterproof to 100 meters.

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After the introduction of the limited edition Tiger Yahoo New Year watch, I will present you to a luxury affordable watch for men

Reef Tiger Royal Crown Luxury Tourbillon Watches Steel Case Blue Crystal Crown Alligator Strap RGA192

Reef Tiger Royal Crown Luxury Tourbillon Watches Steel Case Blue Crystal Crown Alligator Strap RGA192

The zero-gravity tourbillon movement is composed of a self-adjusting frame with gyroscope and a constant horizontal escapement. One gear system controls rotation of the frame axis while another differential gear with reversers adjusts for all relative motions between the elements. The tourbillon’s balance is maintained throughout the wear process. This can help to offset gravity-related errors and improve accuracy.