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Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon Astronomical Watch With Pieces Of The Moon, Mars, & Earth

Back in 2013, Graham released a very avant-garde (putting it lightly) astronomical watch known as the Graham Tourbillon Orrery (hands-on here). Priced at over $300,000, this planetarium-style watch (which they referred to as a “planetarian” at the time) had an extremely complicated movement produced for Graham by Christophe Claret and was said to be a […]

Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Watch

Exotic materials, bold styling, and innovative machining processes are all in a day’s work for Graham. The new limited edition Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon, freshly announced for Baselworld 2016, unsurprisingly continues this trend with a charismatic offering that’s arguably one of the British brand’s most ambitious yet. At under 100 grams, this third and final entry in […]