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HYT H0 Watch Review

For 2017, Swiss HYT released the H0 collection of watches. The HYT H0 watch (which in standard written practice uses a subscript “0” so as not to have the name of the collection look like “ho”) is a visual reinterpretation of the brand’s original watch, the HYT H1 (which originally debuted in 2012). What is […]

HYT H1 Full Gold Watch Hands-On

Ever since HYT originally debuted the H1 watch back in 2012 (here), its seminal “hydromechanical horological” device has remained the hallmark piece of the brand despite the introduction of other models such as the H2, H3, and H4. The HYT H1 remains one of the best “all-around” watches from the modern luxury timepiece brand which […]

HYT Skull Pocket Watch

Marvel comic villains looking for a dramatic statement piece used to measure the countdown to interplanetary destruction will be pleased to learn of the newly announced HYT Skull Pocket Watch – a wild reinterpretation of the humble pocketwatch that would have its inventor, clockmaker Peter Henlein, rolling in his Nuremberg grave. In somewhat self-congratulatory fashion, […]

HYT H4 Neo Watch

HYT is known for its liquid-and-bellows methods of telling the time, and with its recent HYT H0 release being more subtle – if you can call anything the brand produces “subtle” – the HYT H4 Neo comes out as the total opposite: almost the yang to the H0’s yin. Taking some similar cues from the […]

HYT H1 Ghost Watch

It looks like HYT is dabbling in the dark arts with the all-new HYT H1 Ghost, bringing a wild new fluid-based complication to its collection of equally impressive, über-exotic time machines. Following the Skull Bad Boy watch, the new HYT H1 Ghost has a black DLC titanium case joined by a new black fluid designed to […]

HYT Skull Vida Watch

Swiss watch brand HYT like to call themselves the “Hydro Mechanical Horologists” for good reason, as they were the first and still are the only watchmaker to use liquids to tell time. And the HYT Skull watch collection is the brand at its most abstract. Not only do the large HYT Skull collection watches display […]

HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

Do not adjust your screen. That’s not a graphical glitch you’re seeing on the bold face of the HYT Skull Bad Boy watch, but a new material designed to mimic the appearance of Damascus steel. More often found in knives and samurai swords, Damascus steel has featured in watches before – though that is not […]

HYT H0 Collection Watches

With the new HYT H0 collection, the avant-garde brand immediately recognizable for their use of liquid-filled tubes to indicate the time is back with a new design. Featuring three different models, the HYT H0 Silver, H0 Orange, and H0 Black, the all-new minimalist look takes visual cues from a water droplet and a case design they call […]