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Konstantin Chaykin Genius Temporis Single Hand Watch With A Twist

This is Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin’s latest timepiece, and they call it the Genius Temporis, which roughly translates from Latin to “the spirit of our time.” That, however, doesn’t particularly explain the functionality of this 16th century-style timepiece. What you have is the simple elegance of a single-handed watch with the ability to also know […]

Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem Hour Glass Watch Hands-On

The Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem is a watch that provokes the mind with an unusual and fascinating question: what do we want to be reminded of whenever we check the time? Primarily – but not exclusively – at its higher levels, watchmaking has a purpose that goes beyond the documentation of hours, minutes, and seconds. When examined as works of art, watches are capable of […]

Konstantin Chaykin Computus Easter Clock: Grand Complication Set In Marble & Gold

Comprising 1,375 individual components and standing some 60 centimeters (or about 23.5 inches) tall, the one-of-a-kind Konstantin Chaykin Computus Easter Clock certainly belongs among the most complicated clocks ever made – and is, in fact, the most complicated Russian clock, according to Chaykin. For the forty-year-old Russian watchmaker, religion, in all its forms, and particularly their […]