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Top 10 Watches For Traveling

When it comes to categorizing watches, we tend to organize them by the strict purposes their styles were originally meant for. That translates into a world of dive watches, pilot watches, racing watches, formal watches, business watches, etc… A category that only loosely exists in the traditional sense but that is nevertheless extremely important is […]

Orient Mako II & Ray II Dive Watches With New F6922 In-House Movement

All Japanese Orient watches contain in-house movements, but for 2016 the affordably priced brand adds a new and much-awaited movement for two of their most popular collections. Originally introduced in models like the “super-Japanese-looking” Orient King Master watches, the new in-house-made Orient Caliber F6922 automatic movement adds features such as hand-winding and hacking along with […]

Orient Enforcer SEZ07003D0 Watch

We’ve long been fans of Japanese Orient watches. Especially when it comes to affordable mechanical watches, and we’d like to share with you the “Enforcer” model. Below you’ll also find a limited time discount on this watch exclusively for aBlogtoWatch readers. Orient is technically a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seiko these days, and has been producing mechanical […]

Orient Flight Watch Review

Orient Watch USA’s description of the Orient Flight watch is remarkably straight-forward and to the point. They claim that “the Flight Watch is Orient’s take on the quintessential classic Pilot’s piece,” and that is immanently true. Aviation timepieces are second only to divers’ watches in popularity when it comes to sport watches, and everyone needs […]