June 19, 2024

A well-established jewellery house, de Grisogono has also secured its position as an illustrious watch brand thanks to the vision of its founder and current CEO, Fawaz Gruosi. In 2000, the luxury brand took its first step into haute horlogerie by launching its first watch line, the Instrumento N°Uno, and fifteen years on, it has decided to celebrate the watch that has turned into an icon.

de Grisogono Instrumento N°Uno Watch Baselworld 2015

The new de Grisogono Instrumento N°Uno again showcases the brand’s confirmed flair for stylish lines, but it also boasts impressive mechanics, including the first ever blackened watch movement.

de Grisogono Instrumento N°Uno Watch Baselworld 2015 Front

Presented in a faux-square case made from rose gold, it features a stunning face and a modified bracelet design, now fully integrated within the case. The architecture of the dial has also been reviewed, the numerals given more space to breathe, and the emphasis has shifted to the dial and subsidiary dial, the two meeting in the middle to create an elegant upside-down 8 formation.

de Grisogono Instrumento N°Uno Watch Baselworld 2015 Wrist

The case itself is very slim while the asymmetrical dial exudes a semblance of power thanks to enlarged rose gold numerals and an ostentatious date display window positioned at 7 o’clock. Due to it’s size, it is again, very easy to read.

de Grisogono Instrumento N°Uno Watch Baselworld 2015 Back

The crown also draws great interest, due to the black diamond that has been mounted into its center. If this feature is not novel to de Grisogono, the incorporation of a black diamond is without a doubt a subtle homage to its founder, Mr. Gruosi, whom is a black diamond specialist.

de Grisogono Instrumento N°Uno Watch Baselworld 2015 Movement

Inside, the new Instrumento N°Uno houses Calibre DF 11-89, a self-winding mechanical movement that oscillates at 28,800 vph and boasts an impressive power reserve of 42 hours. For the pleasure of the wearer, it can be viewed through the watch’s sapphire caseback.

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