April 16, 2024

Glashütte Original has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the Berlin Film Festival since 2011, so it’s not surprise that the Saxon watchmaker has finally found itself a part of the festival itself. At the Soho-Haus in Berlin, the brand premiered five short films narrated in five different languages, the results of an ambitious project that asked amateur filmmakers (friends and partners of the brand) to create a personalized portrait of what Glashütte Original means to them. The results are rather stunning, particularly the “Sound of the Original” short which examines the musicality of watch production. All of the grinding, pulsing, and whirring that goes on inside the factory are edited into a string of sounds that are said to represent Glashütte Original in audible form.

You can watch the short below. All five films in the collection are available on Glashütte Original’s Youtube page.