May 23, 2024

That’s a ton of individuals who Hublot simply earned entry to in their latest acquisition of Mr. Bryant because of their latest mega-popular athlete brand ambassador. Here on aBlogtoWatch I’d like to pay for the limited edition watch (at least the first one) Hublot has created for Kobe, unsurprisingly named the”King Power Black Mamba.” I must remind you that as of 2013, Hublot watches is also the official timekeeper of the LA Lakers.
Here in Los Angeles I had been afforded the opportunity to meet Kobe for a bit while Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe revealed the sharply dressed Lakers MVP around the new Beverly Hills boutique away Rodeo. Our party waited eagerly for Kobe’s coming back. Someone said”we have him for approximately 20 minutes.” Kobe’s personal watches are not done yet. Both King Power Black Mamba watches are prototypes, but he and his entourage will likely get Hublot-ed out with timepieces galore helping marry the Swiss watch brand with all the basketball superstar turned lifestyle icon brand. Unlike any other luxury manufacturer, Hublot has successfully captured the world of sports, particularly in the US, in a big way.

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Meeting Kobe under the horological circumstances was rather interesting as Mr. Bryant is not just new to the luxury watch business. He had been included in a start-up watch brand a couple of years ago which actually partnered with Kobe to produce a lineup of Black Mamba watches. The newest was a favorite of mine and that I was sad to see them go — it had been Nubeo. The financial crisis murdered them, and it is likely they will resurface 1 day. That will not include their connection with Kobe. During conjecture I learned that Kobe more than likely lost money in the deal. And as favorable as he is — with his gathered and glistening social coolness — that the”Nubeo situation” is a sore topic. I didn’t press the topic as others did. No matter, there is a new Black Mamba watch in town.
Interestingly enough, the new and old Black Mamba watches (Bryant’s courtroom nickname) are priced similarly. That is probably just a shame, as this limited edition King Power is priced on par with similarly configured models. The 48mm wide case is in mainly matte black ceramic, with titanium, and a slew of other materials that go in to Hublot’s”Fusion” construction. The very first thing I noticed about the opinion was the strap — black python. Not exactly actual African American Mamba snakeskin — but python is more than likely better. The smooth scales offer an intriguing look that’s uncommon (to say the least) for watch straps. Under the strap is a customary Hublot rubber liner which makes it more comfortable (and helps it last considerably longer). The gold and purple (versus yellow) accents honor LA’s [popular] basketball team, and Kobe’s”24″ jersey amount sits in the bottom of the dial over 6 o’clock. One of the more unique elements of this layout is a black snake figurine placed into the dial that is wrapped round the subdial. It’s all but easy to overlook at first glance, but is charmingly (or cheesily) present whole with gold-colored forked serpentine tongue.


Hublot contains a feature on the watch initially seen from the Big Bang Ferrari watches from last year. That is the new locking crown system. Similar to what’s used on some Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor watches, instead of with a screw-down crown, it’s a locked and unlocked position. Within the watch is the Hublot caliber HUB 4248 automatic chronograph movement. This motion has a centrally mounted 48 minute chronograph, subsidiary seconds dial, and also the date. It offers a suitable attribute group, while also providing a good view of the movement throughout the dial. 48 moments of course is the length of a basketball game.