July 21, 2024
The Christophe Claret Marguerite in white gold with “flake” setting of the diamonds


Following the smashing success of last year’s Margot timepiece, Haute 100 member Christophe Claret recently unveiled his latest women’s watch, the Marguerite. This newest piece exudes the same sense of romanticism as his previous creation.

Like the Margot before it, the dial of the Marguerite features a white daisy with lacquered petals and two butterflies. The watch’s butterflies aren’t just for show, however. They both work together to tell the time. The shorter butterfly signifies the hour, while the butterfly in flight represents the minutes. Both butterflies move across the dial like a minute and hour hand would on a typical watch. Depending on the piece, a gleaming red ruby or blue sapphire will rest at the center of the daisy in the middle of the dial.

The Marguerite is available in a 42.5mm 18-karat white or rose gold case, and features 100 diamonds laid on the bezel and lugs in different patterns. One version of the watch features a “flake” setting where the diamonds are sprinkled on the case seemingly at random, emulating the scattering of snow flakes. The other available setting for the watch, called “champagne,” concentrates the diamonds toward the bottom of the bezel.

Just 30 pieces of each of the four versions of the watch will be created.

(Via Forbes Life)