May 23, 2024

HourTime Podcast Episode 2 - Lawsuits, Warriors and Why Watches are So Expensive HourTime Show

Hey watch readers and listeners. The HourTime podcast episode 2 is up. We are slowly polishing the show, and I am confident that it is getting better all the time! Please read my little disclaimer in the post (you’ll see it after you click on the link) – it relates to one of the topics we discussed. Enjoy!

Check out the HourTime podcast episode 2 at

In this episode, we talk about the lawsuit involving F.P. Journe and Jaquet Droz. Rogue Warrior the “real deal” rugged watches are discussed, as well as military watches and their role in military history in general.

Everyone wants to know, “Why are watches so expensive?” We talk about justified and not-so-justified reasons: materials, marketing, movements and what good value means in a watch. We also get into handing watches down to the next generation a little bit and we talk about a few of our favorite watches of the moment, including the Orange Monster.

Direct Download/Stream here.