July 21, 2024

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 159: After Vegas HourTime Show

With John having just left us for Iceland, David and Ariel discuss being in Las Vegas for the 2014 Couture Watch and Jewelry Show and JCK, as well as the other brands we saw in town. There was a lot to laugh about, including humorous haute horology defects and marketing debacles.

In the HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 159, we discuss brands we visited and watches we saw at the shows, including a lot of TAG Heuer, specifically the Carrera CH 80 (hands-on here), Ulysse Nardin and their Stranger Music Box Watch, among others, and Bulova pieces, including their Accutron II watch (hands-on)…

Las Vegas has apparently had the effect of making both David and Ariel want to bling themselves out with diamond-covered watches. From there, conversation turns to reviewing watch prototypes and a malfunctioning hour striker watch we dubbed the “perpetual striker,” with Ariel helping us through David’s lapses into technical geekisms.

Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 159 here.

The direct MP3 download and link is here.