June 19, 2024

Today we’re excited to announce the return of two of our favorite colors to the worn&wound American-made strap catalog: Navy and Natural Chromexcel, now in our refined Model 2 Premium style. These are two amazing colors that every collection needs.


As a reminder, our Model 2 Premium straps are an evolution on our Model 2 style. They feature the same 2mm taper, hand tied knots and mix of metal and leather keepers signature to the look, but have been upgraded in construction to include all-natural vegetable tanned lining leather from Wickett & Craig tannery as well as complimentary edge paint rounding them out. For more on the design and manufacturing of the Model 2 Premiums, check out this article.


We love a good blue strap and so should you. Blue is a fun color to throw on a watch. It’s colorful, but not loud and works well with both light and dark dials. The rich, waxy Chromexcel Horween leather used with the Model 2 Premium – Navy has a rich, blue color that can appear like a teal or a deep navy depending on the light. We used brown edge pain on the Navy to add some warmth to it, while using steel grey waxed cord to emphasize the blue. The Model 2 Premium Navy is available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89.


Natural Chromexcel is just one of those magic leather that looks good no matter how its used. Boat shoes, boots, belts, bags, wallets and watch straps. You name it, Natural looks good doing it. It’s a medium brown, but one with a very pale, desaturated tone. As it ages, it gets darker, taking on a tobacco quality. The Natural has been finished with brown edges and natural waxed cord, for an organic, tone-on-tone palette. The Model 2 Premium Natural is available now in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89.