July 21, 2024

Today we’re excited to release the newest version of our Watch Roll, now in Gray Grid Wax Canvas and Horween Chestnut Essex. Designed and manufactured in America, the w&w Watch Roll has become a staple for collectors since its first release in 2012. Inspired by classic outerwear and luggage, our signature design is focused on using beautiful materials of the highest quality to create long-lasting rolls that will keep your watches safe, while looking damn good. The exteriors are made from hearty materials, such as waxed canvas, tweed or denim, while the trim and pockets are made from rugged leathers. The rolls are secured with a strong leather cord and an American-made birch wood toggle. Lastly, we line the entire roll with an ultra-suede material, including the inside of the pockets, creating soft, safe surfaces to rest your watch against.

Each roll features 4 gusseted watch pockets that are secured with double-stitched seams, which can hold up to a 46mm watch on a strap, as well as a slender pocket for a strap changing tool. To use the Watch Roll, simply places your watches in the pockets, fold over the top of the roll, roll from the side, wrap the cord around and tuck the toggle. When unrolled, the ultra-suede backing makes for a great surface to place your watches when changing straps. Whether at home or on the go, the worn&wound Watch Roll is the perfect watch storage solution.


For this newest iteration, we stuck to our classic design and outfitted it with some great materials. The exterior is a 10.10 oz  army duck, charcoal gray waxed canvas with a grid texture stitched throughout in a heavier thread. The grid adds an interesting pattern to the exterior that is simultaneously rugged and aesthetic. Since it’s waxed, the gray will also scar up, creating a unique patina as per your usage.

We paired the gray of the waxed canvas with one of our favorite Horween leathers, Chestnut Essex. This richly colored vegetable tanned leather oozes luxury with its supple feel and glowing tan tones. It responds well with the gray, contrasting, but not overtaking the softer exterior color. Securing the roll is a brown cord and toggle.

The worn&wound Gray Grid Wax Watch Roll is available now in limited quantity at shop.wornandwound.com for $150.

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