February 27, 2024

I’ve talked about Formex watches before, but this model is my favorite. This is the limited edition Formex DS 2000, which means it has a Valjoux 7750 movement and a nice black rotating bezel (as opposed to the silver colored version of the non limited edition quartz model). This handsome technical watch is from a maker of decidedly race inspired timepieces. Built with their customary shock absorber protection device. The watches can usually take some brutal movement and forces.

Though one thing I cannot figure out, and perhaps some one can inform me. Why is it that each Formex watch is a “Formex 4 Speed.” Yes that sounds pretty cool, but watches don’t have speeds, I am not sure what each Formex watch has 4 of, and 4 speed cars are very… 30 years ago. Regardless, it still have a nice ring to it. Otherwise, you will be impressed by the interesting watch that Formex has to offer. Most of the watches come in both mechanical and quartz movements as well.

Limited Edition Formex DS 2000 Chronograph Makes Perfect 'Shop Watch' Sales & Auctions Limited Edition Formex DS 2000 Chronograph Makes Perfect 'Shop Watch' Sales & Auctions One of the features you will appreciate on this watch is the “bullshead” design of the pushers. This just means that the crown and chronograph pushers are placed on top of the watch rather than the side. For some people, this is a more convenient way of operating a chronograph. The idea is to emulate a traditional stop watch.

Formex prides themselves on rugged construction, and the DS 2000 does not disappoint. They throw in a high quality case, along with extra straps, and tools. Tell me you don’t see this watch fitting in perfectly with a home based garage or mechanic shop. To me, it just screams, “wear me and grab a wrench (not wench).” Perhaps not scream, but overtly suggest.

Formex does a good job with releasing new watches and keeping the line fresh. They have a very unique look that appeals to many watch lovers, among those not typically interest in adorning a high-class timepiece. Right now a limited edition Formex DS 2000 is being offered on eBay for a very low price. Check it out.

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See Formex watches on eBay here.Limited Edition Formex DS 2000 Chronograph Makes Perfect 'Shop Watch' Sales & Auctions