June 25, 2024

The American and the Swiss were on the early side to celebrate Mother’s day, a day dedicated to life’s giver and the excuse to gift her a beautiful bouquet. For the French, it’s today… and some of us would rather opt for a flowery piece of jewelry combining the eternal stone of the legendary Sunday flower arrangement. Nonetheless flowers are everywhere and it has been a reccuring design theme in jewelry over the years.

Chopard Copacabana Ring 2015
Chopard Copacabana Ring

This year, orange is the new black, according to Chopard. The jeweller launched the Copacabana collection around a ring or more precisely an explosion of orange yellow moving sapphires set on a red gold and diamonds.

Piaget Limelight Party ring in white gold 2015
Piaget Limelight Party Ring

Piaget made its own statement with the Limelight Party ring has a large faceted tourmaline central stone somehow hold by an irregularly shaped basket set with diamonds and sapphires.

Van Cleef & Arpels Nil Blanc Ring 2015
Van Cleef & Arpels Nil Blanc Ring

Van Cleef & Arpels kept it simple almost as an eccho to the on-going green movement setting the Nil Blanc ring with green tsavorites and demantoid garnets, emeralds, yellow and blue sapphires: perfect combos for mothers to move from spring to summer.

Cartier Onyx Ring
Cartier Onyx Ring

Cartier carried on setting its iconic and timeless feline with diamonds and onyx on a platinum ring from their high jewelry collection.

Chanel Camélia Facette Ring 2015
Chanel Camélia Facette Ring

Meanwhile Chanel and Dior continued to set their tone and style around flower pieces. The Chanel Camelia Facette covered in pink sapphires and diamonds is mounted on a combination of white and pink gold contrasting with the Pétales de Camelia set in white gold opals and diamonds. When the petals of the first one are weld together like a river of small diamonds shaping the edge of the petals toward the heart of the flower the other seems to have floating opal petals separated by diamonds to find again a small round opal for the pistil.

Dior Joaillerie Diorette Ring 2015
Dior Joaillerie “Diorette” Ring

Over at Dior, Victoire de Castellane continued to showcase her savoir-faire in colored lacquer. The collection ≈ is made of diamonds, citrines, pink sapphires, amethysts, mandarin garnets, tsavorite garnets and lacquer. A spring blossom easily spotted on a finger with a central stone made of an orange citrine or a purple amethyst surrounded by a ladybug or butterfly foraging lacquer colorful flowers. So poetic.

Photo Credit: Haute Time. Eleonor Picciottio is the Editor-In-Chief of The Eye of Jewelry. Launched in January 2015, The Eye of Jewelry is a plate-form dedicated to the world fine jewelry, high jewelry and jewelry in watchmaking.