June 23, 2024

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

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MSTR Watches (pronounced “Meister”) is excited to release our first set of automatic watches. Since we started MSTR seven years ago, it has always been our dream to add automatic watches to our lineup, but the high costs of the movements made it difficult. Thanks to the rise of crowdfunding, we are finally able to to fund the production and offer automatic watches at reasonable prices.

The watches, the MSTR Noble and the MSTR Speedster, carry on our brand’s blend of luxury and sport design influences. There seems to be a trend towards vintage, minimalist designs in the watch world, but we’re staying true to our roots. Our designs focus on the more intricate details to bring out a sophisticated but not overly busy look. We obsess over every feature on our watches to find that perfect balance of flash and refinement.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

The MSTR Noble is based off of our flagship Ambassador and fan-favorite MKIII models. It’s the more compact of the two at 43mm. It feels great on the wrist and has simple details that really shine through the more you look at it.

The MSTR Speedster is an all new design and is really inspired by our love of cars. It feels like you’re staring into the gauges of a performance car and has little design cues that hint at our automotive roots. The side of the case resembles a piston and the movement is exposed so you can see the “engine” that runs the watch.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

About MSTR Watches

MSTR is a young company that specializes in large, bold, quality watches. We are independently owned and operated company based out of Los Angeles, California, that was founded in 2009 by Kingson Tse & Ryan Pietersz.

Before MSTR, we worked at DTM Autohaus, a renowned autobody shop that specialized in modifying cars and designing custom parts. We were also into fashion and streetwear, but couldn’t find any designer watch brand that really fit our progressive style. G-Shock was close, but they weren’t that unique and we wanted something more luxurious. Other high-end luxury brands were completely out of our budget. So we thought, if we could customize and design cars to fit our taste, why can’t we do that with watches and make something luxurious and attainable that matched our style.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

We try to incorporate our automotive background into many of our designs. Luxury performance cars like the BMW M, Lexus F-Sport, Mercedes AMGs, and Audi RS models are known for their use of carbon fiber, fine leathers, and little accents that separate them from the standard models. We apply the same principles to our watches to signal performance. It feels special getting into a performance car, and we try to recreate a similar feel whenever someone puts on our watches.

We also grew up during the rise of hip hop culture and the NBA. We can relate to many of the icons like the Wu Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, and Allen Iverson, who had to overcome their personal circumstances and challenge established industry giants. In the watch world, we are that young upstart that has to take on much larger companies and brands. The street style from hip hop and the NBA continues to influence us today. We want to shine to show our success but still stay true to your roots. This is why our watches are versatile enough for a fancy night out, or a casual day outdoors.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases


The MSTR Noble houses a 21-jewel Japanese automatic Miyota 821A movement. Starting with NASA grade 316L stainless steel, the case and bezel are designed to not only be masculine, but intricate, with bolts, precision cuts, and a polished bezel. It’s completed with a dual layer gasket and screw-down crown to make it water resistant up to 300 meters.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

On the dial face, we opted to go with 3-D hash marks instead of a numerical indicators to draw out the carbon fiber. The watch also has a date calendar function under the upgraded sapphire crystal glass. We improved the glass by adding an anti-reflective coating as well.

The caseback has an exhibition window to show off the movement under a MSTR lens. The full stainless steel band is held together with a two-button butterfly clasp. It features a quick-release so you can swap to a leather or silicon/rubber strap. The versatility allows you to easily change up the look and feel of the watch.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

The MSTR Noble will be available in Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Silver, or Black available at pre order for $325.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases


The MSTR Speedster houses a 21-jewel Japanese automatic Miyota 82S7 movement. This movement has a 24-hour clock and separate second hand indicator. It features a larger 45mm, multi-piece bolted-down case and a layered bezel. This watch is water resistant up to 300 meters, or 10 ATM. The lens is also made of sapphire with an anti-reflective coating.

The numerical hour indicators overlay a carbon fiber dial face with sub-dials to match the gauge clusters of popular race cars. The spinning gears of the automatic movement are also exposed to showcase the “engine” that drives the watch. The sub-dials show the seconds and 24-hour clock.

MSTR Speedster & Noble Watches Watch Releases

The caseback has an exhibition window to show off the movement under a MSTR lens. A multi-piece stainless steel band with a two-button butterfly clasp completes the watch.

The Speedster will be available in Rose Gold, Silver, or Black available at pre order for $360.

Final Thoughts

The MSTR Noble and the MSTR Speedster are for the person who appreciates all the finer details of design. Someone that wants to stand out, but not be too flashy. They are quality, luxurious timepieces that are proud to wear, without feeling overdone.

It’s been a long journey for us to get to this. We feel like we have reached a turning point and are ready to start offering a wider range of timepieces to our customers. We hope to get the support we need to achieve our dreams. You can support our campaign by checking it out on Indiegogo.

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