May 26, 2024

Ocean7 Watches Fit For The Seven Seas And Your Wrist Watch Releases Ocean7 watches is a newer watch company with an admirable goal; produce high quality, functional, and tasteful diving watches that are affordable. They do this without being boring, and really delivering a new flavor of diver watch to the masses. Many people are beginning to love Ocean7, and accordingly they are releasing new models with regularity.

One of the tell tale signs that Ocean7 Watch Company is new is that they sell directly via their website, and have a very friendly tone toward their customers. There are of course a limited number of retail locations to get their watches, but this type of “in store” deployment takes a good deal of effort. Understanding the potential risk involved in buying online, Ocean7 offers a no questions asked return policy. You only have three days to try the watch on, but it is reasonable enough. And relatively speaking, the prices of Ocean7 watches are low.

In terms of style, the Ocean7 watches have an ongoing theme. Specifically identified in the hands. The hour hand is a bit dwarfed, while the minute hand is oversized. For some people this might appear strange, but the purpose of this design comes out underwater when the minute hand is more important than the hour hand. Not going to be underwater anytime soon? The watches still make a bold sporty impression, and you will appreciate the discrepancy in size as it makes reading the time easier. Another notable characteristic of the watches in their attention to angularity and symmetry. The only real curves you are going to see are circles, and the rest are pleasing cornered edges. This gives the watches a pleasing if not lasting impression of utility and purpose.

Ocean7 Watches Fit For The Seven Seas And Your Wrist Watch Releases The prices of the Ocean7 watches are very aggressive and it begs the question of how high the quality of the bracelets and watches are. Their most expensive watch to date is the LM-2C at $1600 for a titanium chronograph with an automatic Valjoux 7750. This is really a great price, as most other Valjoux 7750 movement based watches are nearly twice this price. Reviews indicate that the quality is top-notch, and with the prices of watch parts decreasing in Switzerland (due to volume), it could be a sign of new watch prices to come.

Many people are going to love the Ocean7 bracelets with their five link design. The bracelets vary in size from 22-24mm which is on the larger end, but look great. The more links a bracelet has, the more comfortable it tends to be as it can drape over your wrist with more ease. Less links tend to indicate cheaper watches which fit more “stiffly.” Other than than the steel or titanium bracelets, you can get inexpensive rubber or silicon bracelets. These combined with one of Ocean7’s titanium watches will make for an impressive, and very light watch.

Watch Ocean7 closer for new model and interesting watches. They now have a ceramic watch model, the Ocean7 LM-4, which has a wonderful simple and modern appearance to it. Ocean7 deserves praise for producing unique watches that don’t insult the wallet.

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