February 26, 2024

Miguel S. from the Philippines asks:

Max here, the PAM 359 is fine. It has the new 1950 case and also in-house movement. Its singular appeal is classic Panerai dial, but with all Arabic numbers on the dial vs. the 12, 3, 6, 9 (or less) that is typical on other Panerai models.

I know all Panerai watches look somewhat alike, but there are differences that one starts appreciating as one becomes more knowledgeable about the brand. So, for me, I like most of the Panerai 1950 models (they all are “modern”, cased in 44mm or 46mm, and fitted with in-house movements). I’ve reviewed my own PAM 321 on aBlogtoWatch here:. It’s a great watch and one I plan to keep forever.

I cannot get my head or heart around U-Boat. Looks too much like a Diesel watch that can be had for $300. Or maybe Diesel looks like U-Boat… Now, I love and wear Diesel jeans, belts, and even sneakers but would not be caught dead with their watches—unless I was being paid to model ?

If you want Italian-flavored design stick with the original: Panerai

If money is no object then get a Bulgari, especially the Daniel Roth or Gerald Genta sub-collections. You’ll get Italian influence but real watchmaking genius and pedigree.

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