April 16, 2024
Eugenia Bruni
Eugenia Bruni

Pasquale Bruni calls Calabria homeland, but it was in Valenza that he discovered the world of jewelry. Aged 14, he started his career in an artisan’s workshop, as a goldsmith. There was no looking back and today he is known internationally through the brand’s iconic collection of jewels. Headquartered in Milan, the in-house manufacturing takes place in Valenza, in the Piedmont region of Italy. And the business has become a family affair. In 2001, his daughter Eugenia Bruni was appointed Creative Director and under her adept eye, the company continues to produce magnificent jewelry, combining Italian traditions and skills. Eugenia’s brother Daniele holds the role of ‘company gemologist’. Having studied at Valenza Art Institute and then in San Diego, and in New York, Eugenia Bruni’s passion for jewelry is all encompassing in the design of the pieces. For her, each piece of jewelry is a work of Art.

What gives Italian jewelry designs that extra edge which makes them so desirable?

It could be summarized for us in “Vera Passione” (True Passion). These are the two words that mark our creations and that recall to ‘Made in Italy,’ goldsmith art, research and creativity. The opportunity to express joy, contemporaneity, sensuality and love through a jewel.

Do you get inspired to create new designs by things you see in your daily-life? Or, do you escape somewhere in search of ideas?

I don’t need to escape, because my creativity is with me every day. I search for new color mixes and new shapes, instinctively. I love nature, it always surprises me. I admire strong, authentic, passionate and free women, the ones of these days as well as the ones of the past.

Eugenia Daniele Pasquale Bruni
(Left to Right) Pasquale Bruni, with his dauther Eugenia and his son Daniele

How has your father influenced your life and work?

My work is my life. He totally influenced me in this aspect. He always works passionately, and that passion is still in his eyes. That particular feeling influences me and makes me love my job. His courage as a businessman and artist helps me to grow stronger and more confident in my opinions and ideas.

At the recently held Couture show in Las Vegas, which price points were most well received? And, which designs performed the best for your brand?

Middle to high price points. The Bon Ton collection, with its flower shape, is very appreciated thanks to its colors, simplicity and beauty. This collection talks about women and their life. It has a contagious appeal.

Bon Ton Rings 2015 Collection
Bon Ton Rings

Giardini Segreti is a very new collection that we presented in Las Vegas. People fell in love with it, due to the different ways a person can wear the rings, dressing the hands in an unusual way. They are intriguing and offer a feminine way to give every woman the chance to create her own garden, with the union of two or more rings creating continuous secret shapes.

Giardini Segreti Rings
Giardini Segreti Rings

What do you think of the Asian markets for jewelry?

It has a great potential, but not all the areas are ready for jewelry.

Is branding necessary for jewelry, when it’s only the wearer really who sees the make of the product, unlike in the watch industry, where the logo of the watchmaker is prominent?

Branding is a fundamental ingredient of every product. It represents the heritage, the know-how, the inspiration and the entire background that makes a creation so exclusive and particular, different from the others.

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