July 21, 2024

Design concept

1.Big size dial

As a classic watch, 42mm size can completely show your wearing attitude, without fancy and complicated functions, it could also attract people’s enviable glance.

2.Double arched bezel

The bezel of Classic Heritage uses double arched design, which is narrow processed, this could make the case lines more gentle, so the watch will still looks perfect even on a thin wrist.

3.Pumpkin-shaped crown

Pumpkin-shaped crown echoes with the arched bezel, its rounded design presents an obvious contrast against the sword hour markers, which perfectly expresses the design attitude of Classic Heritage.

4.Three different markers

A classic watch may not have the complicated design, but must have their own design concept. The Heritage displays the time with three different markers, minute scales are on the outermost part of the dial, they are clear and easy to read. Sword-type and 3-6-9-12 hour markers reflect the timeless classic.

5.Unique textured band

Different from the lines on most alligator leather straps, the band of Heritage has larger lines on the header that connects the case, while the rear lines naturally shrink, bringing a new artistic looking.

6.Exclusive buckle

To fit the unique band, the clasp of Heritage has also been specially designed, its cross-type stucture features more than ten cutting surfaces that ensure the visual beauty, the part that contacts with the skin is completely ergonomic, in all, the clasp and straps are formed one integrated mass.

Exquisite technology

1.Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
With the AR Coating, sometimes you do not even feel the presence of the crystal.The Heritage adopts sapphire crystal glass, two sides are all coated with 3um anti-reflective coating, this not only adds gloss on glass face but also makes the dial clearer, sometimes.


The dial of Heritage uses brushing and enamel craft, there are dials of brushed black, sunray blue and white enamel, good enamel is as white as jade, creamy and elegant

3.White gold hour markers

Generally speaking, white gold is usually used to make jewelries, the hour markers of Heritage watch are plated with 3um white gold, which is brilliant and brings unparalleled luxury.

4.Exquistely polished case

The case process is more reflected in polishing, even the cases with same material and shape can reflect different levels of watchmaking due to different polishing craft.A good quality case has a clear boundary between brushing and polishing, polishing is?necessarily bright as a mirror, brushing must also be straight.

5.Fully hemmed straps

The inside and outer layers of the straps adopt imported refined Italian calfskin, which feels soft and comfortable. At the same time, in order to ensure the shaping of band, we add a layer of film inside the strap, so that the whole band is more full and durable.