April 16, 2024

Roberto Coin jewellery Interview 2015

Venice born Roberto Coin now lives in Vicenza, where the company is headquartered. In 1996, he created a brand of Italian jewellery bearing his own name which is internationally renowned today, within a short span of time. Diverse markets have different tastes, and Coin’s tireless instinct to always bring something unedited to life pushes him to create over 600 new models annually. Roberto Coin jewellery can be bought in over 1000 shops, scattered in more than 60 countries around the world. Pieces are chosen each year by fashion celebrities and movie stars to accompany them on the most prestigious red carpet events.

What latest collections did you showcase at The Couture Show last month, and what made you choose these designs?
My international clientele is aware that my art is focused on the continuous change of style and this feature has been reconfirmed during last Couture show where gold has been the best protagonist of the newest collections like Golden Gate, Princess, New Barocco and the new icon Pois Moi.

Why does Nature play such an important part in your collections?
Nature has always played a deep source of inspiration for me and it is because it usually surrounds me and my house. I consider the beauty of nature as the beauty par excellence and the one that mostly provide a sense of serenity when you admire it.

What incidents in your life have affected your design inspirations?
I would call them lucky occasions and they are so many that I could never list them. My life gives me the chance to travel a lot and change people, cultures, points of view that provide always new energy and of course new inspiration and new concepts of elegance too.

What is the current state of the jewellery market?
It is very competitive but I would say that respected brands keep showing strong results.

What future do you see for the luxury industry going forward?
Luxury will always exist: I personally think that it is very often misunderstood. I do not want to represent any overstatement as luxury means to me something that has a deep value for its meaning, exclusivity and quality in manufacturing and in design innovation.

‘Investment’ jewellery or ‘daily-wear’ pieces, what’s your suggestion for clients?
It really depends on the client and on what she/he is looking for. For sure, the jewel has to enhance the personal beauty of who wears it. Tell me who the client is, and I will give you my advice!

What type of jewellery or stones are a ‘good investment’ for connoisseurs?
For sure diamonds even if I love emeralds and sapphires very much too. Moreover, the ruby – a signature of Coin’s creations – is one of my favorite. I would say that if a precious stone has an high quality and something special it is a good investment whatever.

What do you think of the Asian markets for jewellery?
They are getting more and more important, and we need to spend more time with them to be known.

Your brand presence in the Singapore market provides you with data and a the pulse for the market. What is your view of this country in terms of jewellery tastes?
Most of my Singapore clientele are world travelers with European taste.

Is branding necessary for jewellery, when it’s only the wearer really who sees the mark upon close look, unlike in the watch industry, where the logo and brand of the watchmaker is clearly visible?
This is a continuous battle. Watches have made and extraordinary marketing strategy that had a strong impact in the market. For jewelry this is more difficult as it is not easy to understand the quality and manufacturing level, the most important thing is to be sure who the designer and the brand and what their commitment means to the client.

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