October 4, 2023

Storm Mekon Watch Watch Releases

I was waiting for someone to do this. It was only a matter of time before the watch world was able to release a budget version of the Corum Bridge watch. Storm UK was the one that did it. Of course this is not a replica or the same watch, but the concept is the same. A mechanical watch with a thin bridge-style movement in an otherwise empty and see-through dial. It certainly looks cool on the wrist.

Let’s be honest, you can’t precisely compare a Corum with this Storm Mekon. While they exist in the same thematic family, this Storm will never replace a Corum in terms of pure horology. Where the Mekon does win is digest-ability. For just a few hundred bucks you can have the look and feel of something that would otherwise cost many thousands. Most people can handle that.

Storm Mekon Watch Watch Releases

I don’t necessarily get the name “Mekon.” Is it pronounced “mech-on,” or perhaps “meek-on.” I want to say the latter because of the word “Yukon.” Whatever, the pieces speak for themselves. Storm rustled up a mechanical movement that is long and thin and aligned it horizontally across the dial of the watch. More than likely Chinese in origin, the movement is manually wound and has just an hour and minute hand. I would count on it for looks but not necessarily accuracy. There is an hour marker scale around the periphery of the dial. The movement is pretty easy to understand given how exposed it is. Corum actually told me that some watch making students in Switzerland use the Golden Bridge movements to study the basics of how a movement works.

Here the movement looks decent for the money, and has that cool semi-suspended look. The case of the Mekon isn’t half bad looking. It is in polished steel, with a black IP or gold coated version available also available. The case is 38mm wide and 50mm tall (including the lugs). That is a pretty good size for Western-sized wrists. Over the dial and rear of the case are mineral glass crystals.

Storm Mekon Watch Watch Releases

Attached to the Mekon watch is a leather strap and each of the models are limited editions (of either 2,000 or 3,000 pieces). Many people will enjoy the novel look of the watch and the relatively affordable price. The Storm Mekon piece will range from between $249.99 – $299.99 in price. Currently they are exclusively available via Watchismo.