June 21, 2024

Ah…back way before you were even a sprinkle of DNA in your ancestors’ gene pool, Backes and Strauss was supplying the world with precious precious diamonds. This was in 1789, when I hear diamonds were still cut using dinosaur teeth, or something similar. From diamond supply all over the navigable planet, to headquarters in London, Backes and Strauss was supplying the landed aristocracy all over with shiny bling. There is bling-worthy, and then there is top-of-the-heap classy that will get even royalty to take notice of the not so small fortune on your wrist. This is where the Backes and Strauss watches come in.

The Franck Muller Group -owned Backes and Strauss watch division has a mission that seems pretty simple. In my own words; make really nice, well designed watches, that are prohibitively expensive, with lots of diamonds. Despite this lofty ambition and young nature as a watch maker, they are succeeding. My favorite among their growing line, is the Men’s Berkeley watch. And what a watch it is. The colors and materials differ, as well as the surface area covered in diamonds.

Check out this beauty. The shape alone makes me think of a society where people are judged based on what they wear. Wearing this would make you king. It is just so handsomely done combing the square face and rounded curves. Does it smell a bit of Cartier? Sure, but that’s ok, it is a pleasant odor.

Most of the design elements on this watch are meant to remind you of diamonds, and diamond edges, along with traditional London architecture. Hence the many sharp corners and polished surfaces, along with mod-Romanesque high stature design. The hands, almost over-sized for the face exude a sense of wealthy excess. As though the watch is conceding that the hands are too big for the face, but are meant to make a statement. Think of a solid gold cars, with solid gold 25 inch wheels. Total overkill, but seemingly appropriate. Having said that, I don’t need to remind you that the watches are all gold, or white gold, or other more expensive and luxurious materials. I might be sarcastic about it, but you take these things for granted when talking about watches of this caliber.

As to the subject of diamonds. You can see the Berkeley has at least two options. Diamonds on the bezel, lugs, and crown is one option. The other is essentially a watch thrown in with your diamonds. You can see for yourself. Because the watches are from the Franck Muller group, you know inside each watch is a mechanical movement. Not sure whether they are manufacture made, but it is entirely possible.

So there you have it. The watch meant for a king. The watch you will most likely never own, and be lucky to see. Like the Crown Jewels, this watch is statement of pure luxury excess, and you love every line of it. It’s not practical or a good value, but it is beautiful and decadent. The two things you want when you have acquired everything else on the needs hierarchy in life.

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