April 21, 2024

bell ross

2011 Bell & Ross brand personality from the orthodox military table is watchmaking spirit, launched by the Air Force turned to watch the hands of WW1 watch the entire series, immediately causing the altar table attention! Bao Tong, Hong coincides with the 30th anniversary of the creation of watches that go hand in Bell & Ross on December 13 – December 25 held “WW1 Series Taiwan first sale table show” direct experience of understated but classic vintage military form doctrine without getting tired!

The tables show in WW1 series leader, also joined the subversion of the traditional indication of Red Redar red radar, BR0392 Redar and blue ceramic ….. . And other table fans love the classic square series of new, bold red beam and special innovative materials, invites you to scout the eternal charm of the time limit!

Innovation Series Vintage Wrsit Watch 1 (referred WW1)

Air pocket watch replica 1920s design, combined with modern charm, transformed into the hands of the watch

Bell & Ross in a unique way to reinterpret the history of military regulations of the table, in full compliance with the design concept. “We are exploring the past through further enrich watch series content.” Bell & Ross designers Bruno Belamich said: “From the beginning, we devote himself to military regulations table, and now we came out for the first time in the 1920s pilot watch , trying to reproduce its style. The challenge is not only to be faithful to the year of watch-making philosophy, but also to make them fit the design principles of Bell & Ross. ”

Reproduce the style of the process consists of two stages: a low-key design extreme restraint watch PW1 (Pocket Watch 1), as well as launch the WW1 (Wrist Watch 1) watch. French soldiers during World War I for the first time wearing the watch, the pilot tested again in the 1920s and in the 1930s, declared that it meets the technical specifications. Vintage WW1 tribute to that era, its design inspiration also comes from “Paoxiao the 1920s” (Roaring Twenties), was an old but completely. Vintage WW1 one hand, representatives of the link between the watch and watch the 1940s, on the other hand completely reflect the genetic code of Bell & Ross.

Bell & Ross in 2005 will be transformed into a unique aircraft instruments BR01 watches. Between 2011, the brand once again deserved the Air Force turned to watch the hands of the watch. Vintage WW1 filled with distinctive engraved characteristics: large-diameter wind pocket watch design, welding lugs, elegant and durable leather strap, dial very clear, leading trenches can also easily operated through gloves, and ultra-high-quality mechanical movement. Vintage WW1 pilots like to use 1920 as a watch. Between the 21st century, it is the most suitable for the preferences of large classic, elegant and unique cheap giuseppe zanotti shoes watch love to use. Filled with neutral charm, this watch is perfect for the beginning of the 21st century has brought a new style trend: Army regulations neoclassical doctrine.

Subversion of the traditional watch display, professional military form fly or reproducing legend!

Red Radar red radar, Ceramic blue pottery, ceramics and other green square series to keep pace

Bell & Ross watches launched a new concept in 2010 – with the air traffic control radar was inspired by a new way of rendering time. Based on the constant pursuit of innovation and performance, Bell & Ross more in 2011 to a new way of interpreting the radar display, making it more similar to the original instrument. BR 01 RED RADAR analog display and air traffic control radar is very similar. It shows the real effect of the radar beam is scanned across the screen. Further to overturn the traditional watch the new display modes: the integration of performance pointers and the dial to the same plane. Instead of three separate concentric dish, marked with three red beam. As the beam color, your eyes will naturally focus to read at the center of the dial hours, minutes, seconds. Double-getting color axis and tick red glass table on a measurable time. Red dial and black anti-glare surface haze case to follow ATC Cockpit: it also provides outstanding contrast, it helps to read the time.

Seemingly simple, BR 01 RED RADAR substance is highly sophisticated. Its design and production has brought a high degree of technical challenges, watch top engineers must resolve through cooperation. As each dish than concentric pointer weight 30 times, engineers need to create lightweight disc surface, in order to avoid the impact of power reserve or accuracy. Each concentric discs also have considerable strength, in order to avoid distortions and reduce friction. Engineers had to develop special materials and new technology in order to respond to a dual challenge. Adjust micron ensure disc surface during rotation to maintain balance. We must rely on such precision watchmaker play to our strengths. Through BR 01 RED RADAR, Bell & Ross-inspired cockpit with air traffic control, once again read time beyond the traditional design concepts.