July 21, 2024

Reef Tiger Seattle, which is inspired by Romantic spirit, adds romantic elements on the simple design of original Mountain Rainier, launches new tourbillon watch. This watch upholds the thinness and elegant tradition of the Seattle, the only decoration on the simple dial is a tourbillon device at 6 o’clock, restoring the art beauty of the watch.

Design highlights

1.Extremely dial design

This tourbillon watch abandons the precise hour markers of generous watches in order to pass the romantic sense of the Seattle series, there are only cutting markers at 0, 3, 9, the good things have no fear of the passage of time.

2.Tourbillon at 6 o’clock

At 6 o’clock, there is one ruby embeded on the center of the skeleton tourbillon, with the rotation of the balance wheel, the movement parts are legible, the aesthetic feeling of time appears on the wrist.
3.L-shaped lugsDSC_5709

The lugs are simple and slim, straight lines replace the curved lugs design, but they can fully fit the wrist and blend with the band, couple with the case, more refined and elegant.

4.Crocodile leather strap

This watch is equipped with crocodile leather strap, which is carefully stitched by hands, reflecting pure Swiss watchmaking tradition. The clasp is particularly designed by Reef Tiger, very easy to be worn.
5.Elegant pin buckle

To match up with the simple style of the watch, Mountain Rainier abandons the complex folding buckle, while uses more simple pin buckle, which is engraved with REEF TIGER logo, delicate.

6.Transparent case back

The movement is the soul of the whole watch, this tourbilon watch adopts transparent case back design, each operation of the movement is in your eyes, the eternal time beauty spreads.

Advanced technology

1.Multi-beveled case process

To express its slim design need, Mountain Rainier adopts multi bevel cutting process, only the bezel has four beveled design, each bevel uses CNC carving, corner are clearly visible.

2.Double dial structure

Although the whole design is extremely simple, Mountain Rainier uses two layered dial design to express its exquisite needs, each layer is well-
3.Corrosion resistant crownDSC_7148

Seattle Mountain Rainier, which is made in the request of ultra-thin, its case side perfectly reflects the exquisite watchmaking technology of Reef Tiger and simple style. The corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel crown is engraved with RT Logo by laser.

4.Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
This watch uses Mohs grade 9 sapphire crystal, corrosion and scratch resistant, never worn. There is a layer of 3um anti-reflective coating, legible.
5.Reliable movement

This watch uses RT6202 movement, which is tested by Reef Tiger professional watch master, its daily inaccuracy is within 5 seconds. In polishing, the edge of the movement plates is smooth and full of texture. Each screw, spring and gear is brilliant and delightfull.

6.Hand-stitched leather strap

The inner and outside of the leather straps are made of Italian calfskin leather, very soft. To ensure the setting of the band, we add a layer of film in the leather, so the whole band look full and will be more durable.