July 25, 2024

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Collection

1 De Grisogono Crazy Skull Collection

The way in which the 890 rubies have been set in the multidimensional case of de Grisogono’s ladies Crazy Skul timepiece is identical to that of a human skull; with it’s emaciated cheek bones, fattened by a gem setting technique which is similar to that of the appearance of solidified lava. Staring at us inside the skull’s aghast eye sockets is a dual time display with black lacquered dials. Please click here for more…

HYT Skull Watch Collection

2 HYT Skull Watch Collection

While the watch doesn’t have any, eyebrows were raised in Janurary when Vincent Perriard and his team unveiled the HYT Skull, a watch that looks like it belongs on Iron Man’s wrist. It’s the first watch in the collection that completely hides the movement on the dial side, but more importantly it does away with the minutes indication. The HYT Skull Green Eye in titanium limited to 50 pieces, and the HYT Skull Red Eye in rose gold and titanium limited to just 25 pieces.
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Hublot Big Bang Broderie Collection

3 Hublot Big Bang Broderie Collection

The only watch in our list without the word ‘skull’ in its name, it hides this memento mori inside the dial. A collection for ladies, the Broderie is housed inside the iconic Big Bang case measuring 41mm. The watch features a carbon fiber bezel and an embroidered dial designed with Swiss lace house Bischoff Textil, and is set with eleven diamonds that indicate the hours from 1 to 11 o’clock.

Bomberg BOLT-68 Skull Badass

4 Bomberg BOLT-68 Skull Badass

If the BOLT-68 Neon is the life of the party at Bomberg, the BOLT-68 Badass Skull is its resurrection. Based on the brand’s unique timepiece-turned pocket watch concept, the Badass Skull features a stainless steel and black PVD case with grenade finishing. The result is a timepiece that defies comformity and reminds us that everything in life has an end, so we might as well make the most of it. The Badass is just that, and we love it!

Bell & Ross BR01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon for Only Watch 2015

5 Bell & Ross BR01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon for Only Watch 2015

For Only Watch 2015, Bell & Ross has encased its gold into a pirate-themed treasure chest. The BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon is a unique aged-bronze watch, made after the brand’s most iconic model. It features a hand-engraved gold skull inside a 46 mm case housing four complications: a tourbillon, a regulator, an accuracy indicator and a power reserve. Now that’s a treasure worth fighting for! Please click here for more…