July 25, 2024

Geneva: Hôtel de la Cigogne

1 Geneva: Hôtel de la Cigogne

The Hôtel de la Cigogne is a haven of peace in the heart of Geneva’s business center. Located only a few steps from the old city, it is a great place to stay to enjoy the lake and the cultural district. A curious quirk of the hotel: no two rooms are the same, and often, guests do not know in which they will be staying. In 2014 with had a disco-themed room. Last year, we were in a wintery chalet. It’s quite fun actually.
Recommended for: SIHH 2016.
Watch manufactures nearby: F.P. Journe.
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Basel: Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

2 Basel: Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

It is the place to be during Baselworld, with the most important people in the watch business all staying at Les Trois Rois, and throwing some of the most memorable dinners of the year. One of Europe’s oldest city hotels, this five-star hotel located on the banks of the Rhine exudes charm and elegance in the center of the Old Town.
Recommended for: Baselworld 2016
Watch manufacturers nearby: During Baselworld, every single brand. Otherwise, nothing.
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Neuchâtel: Hotel Palafitte

3 Neuchâtel: Hotel Palafitte

Constructed more than 10 years ago as part of the National Expo 2002, Hotel Palaffite is the only hotel in Europe built on stilts, so get your watch out for a stunning wrist shots. The rooms offer extraordinary views onto the Neuchâtel Lake and the snowcapped mountains that surround it. We recommend taking a dive into the lake for a fresh start to your day!
Recommended for: A romantic getaway, if she’s into watches.
Watch manufacturers nearby: Patek Philippe, Greubel Forsey, Richard Mille, Cartier.
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Zürich: The Dolder Grand

4 Zürich: The Dolder Grand

The Swiss version of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, the very real Dolder Grand rules over Zürich with panache. This five-star hotel built in the traditional Renaissance-style castle is actually very well suited to modern times, with conference rooms, a spa, and other world-class amenities. But the highlight for many is the bar downstairs. Good for a drink and a little watch spotting.
Recommended for: An escape from the capital.
Watch manufacturers nearby: Hublot.
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Le Brassus: Hôtel des Horlogers

5 Le Brassus: Hôtel des Horlogers

Located at the heart of the Vallée de Joux, only 45 minutes from Geneva and Lausanne, the Hotel des Horlogers is a four-star hotel dedicated to what we love most: timekeeping. Time stands still, and time is sacred in this peaceful venue, which offers a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Recommended for: A spot of golfing nearby
Watch manufacturers nearby: Audemars Piguet, Zenith…
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