June 23, 2024

Aurora Hercules

Hercules, son of Zeus, who is the gold in Greek mythology, since birth, he has been given to overthrow the tyranny of kings, reconstruction force for peace. Reef Tiger Aurora Hercules, to pay tribute to resistance and freedom.

1.Strength and cool watchimg_7164

52mm dial, 12mm thick, Hercules is a solid and heavy watch, which is suitable for men who purse unique and fashionable.

2.Complicated processed dial

The dial has wheel tires background, grids as functions district, obvious boundary and harmonious layout. Metal hour markers echo with metal second scales, which are clear.

3.Lumed hour markers

Hands and hour makrers adopt non-radioactive Super-LumiNova, which is much more expensive than gold, the luminescence has better brightness and durability, the time can be easily read in the dark.

4.Thailand rubber bandRGA303-PBB1_14

Soft Thailand rubber band, not only reduces the weight of whole watch, but also brings comfortable wearing.

5.Swiss chronograph movement

Swiss chronograph movement can precisely measure every second of your life, to let you face each challenge.
Swiss Reef Tiger RT685 Quartz with Chronograph Movement