May 23, 2024

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Marvin Origin Gent Automatic Giveaways

In July 2014 the monthly aBlogtoWatch giveaway watch was a Marvin Origin Gent Automatic, and the lucky winner was Mark N. After receiving the watch, he has sent us some pictures and the thoughts below. We thank Mark, and everyone else who participates in aBlogtoWatch watch giveaways.

I have loved the various giveaways that aBlogtoWatch has offered over the years and I participated in them with some regularity. Sometimes I even found myself forgetting and kicking myself for missing some of the nice giveaways. As time went on, I more or less resigned myself to the thought that I just wasn’t going to ever be the lucky winner. I was quite surprised to receive the email from Ariel informing me that I had won the Marvin Origin Gent watch.

First and foremost, I want to thank Ariel Adams, the blog staff, and the Marvin Watch Company for this nice giveaway. Your efforts to coordinate these are truly appreciated. In particular, the reviews are enlightening and offer watch lovers to learn of brands and watches we might not be that familiar with. The giveaway contests always offer up a nice watch that a watch lover can truly appreciate.

I wasn’t familiar with the Marvin Watch Company up until reading the first review posted about a Marvin watch. I think the review was about the M104. Not quite my style, but still a nice introduction to the company and some of its offerings. I was further intrigued when the Marvin Malton Cushion came up as a giveaway and this nudged me into getting more familiar with the brand.

Recently, I have been involved in a relocation and I find myself writing this review, submitting, and providing pictures via my smartphone. I hope these do the website and its readers justice. On to my review.

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Marvin Origin Gent Automatic Giveaways

I really loved the minimalist look of the Marvin Origin Gent Automatic M125 and it caught my eye ever since the giveaway was announced. It reminded me so much of the clean simple lines of a Nomos. This was one giveaway I didn’t want to miss out on. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Marvin Origin Gent. Once it arrived, I peeled away the packaging like an excited child on Christmas morning. The watch box was top notch, just like all the best name brands, and nestled snugly inside was the Marvin Origin Gent with the red seconds hand that I had requested. I truly enjoy mechanical watches and have been fascinated with them since I was a youngster. The Marvin Origin Gent didn’t disappoint.

Looking at the watch the simple design and the case size of 41mm really gives you some wrist presence. I have fairly small wrists at just under 7 inches and the watch really isn’t lost with the clean white dial and elegant curve given to the hour and minute hands. The hands are nicely polished and easily catch the light. The red seconds hand nicely matches the reddish-brown calf strap. The polished markers further add to the appeal by easily catching the light as well. In typical Marvin fashion, the eight o’clock marker carries the Marvin design quirk of the splash of red on the marker next to the case. It took some digging, but I found out that “Every Marvin watch has a subtle red ‘marker’ at the 8 o’clock position. This mysterious sign was trademarked in 1850. Currently under lock and key at the Corporate Attorney’s office, it’s meaning will remain secret by executive order until 2038 when Marvin turns 188 years old,” as provided through the Marvin Website.

Over the years, I have gotten picky on dial design and hand lengths. Overly busy dials that inhibit the hands popping out at me are a turn off. Another peeve are hand lengths. The Marvin Origin Gent hands are nicely sized so that each hand extends to the proper length. The dial layout is protected under a sapphire crystal that is AR coated. The crystal is flat and mounted slightly higher than the case top and is beveled on the edge. All of this yields an elegant looking dial layout that is easy to read on the wrist.

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Marvin Origin Gent Automatic Giveaways

The detail on the case is nicely executed. The bezel, along with upper and lower parts of the case are polished. The center of the case is nicely etched giving a nice design detail that includes a center milled groove that is interrupted by a heritage marking on the case opposite to the crown that is nicely adorned with the Marvin logo. The heritage mark stands for Marc & Emmanuel Didisheim, who founded Marvin in 1850.

Nestled inside the case is the Sellita SW200 movement. The movement can be seen through a see through caseback and lacks embellishments except for the counterweight called out as “the swing”. I have given this watch lots of wrist time since it arrived and this is the first watch I have owned with this movement. I am impressed with it. The Sellita has lost about four seconds every five days. That’s chronometer performance right out of the box and much better than some higher tier brands that I have.

The 20mm reddish brown straps are nicely adorned with the inner Marvin red liner – another Marvin signature to their watches. I especially like the push button straps. The strap is easily released from the case with a push button. I wish I could get a black strap with the same features making this watch even more versatile as a dress watch.

Since I have received this watch, folks at work that know I’m into watches have noticed the new addition. The Marvin Origin Gent has received some nice compliments. Anyone willing to visit their website will find a rich horological history behind the Marvin brand. I found reading over the history of the company fascinating and only adds to my appreciation of the Marvin Origin Gent adorning my wrist. All-in-all, the Marvin Origin Gent gives you a truly elegant looking dress watch at a nice cost point. Thanks again Marvin Watch Company and aBlogtoWatch! I hope to be enjoying the Marvin Origin Gent for many years to come.