July 25, 2024

Graham Black

History of watch: In 1656, the Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens applied Galilean’s principle “the sub-oscillation” to successfully make the first pendulum clock for human history, and began the era to use mechanical devices computation time. To the mid-19th century, many countries began making watches. In 1868, French made Patek Philippe and over 200 Poles made it, and they made the world’s first watch for a noble Hungarian woman together.

Trends and current situation:

In modern social life, watch is no longer a luxury. With the “one person, multi-table” phenomenon becoming increasingly common, people is no longer satisfied with the pursuit of a watch that having a single timing functions, but to the case by changing shape, various forms of dial design to expand the functional scope of the table to increase the watch’s artistic quality, making it reflect the personality and the identity of fashion jewelry.

Why all needles are right-handed gauge?

Before the metal bell came out, people used hourglass and water to measure time, and even earlier, the ancients measured by pole day.When the sun rose, pole’s long shadow fall at west side, with the movement of sun to the zenith, the shadow slowly reduced, and the rotation around the pole; at noon, the sun reach the top of the head, then the shadow become the shortest one (in summer solstice, most places even have no shadow) after noon, the sun in the west pole, pole shadow fell at the side of the east, and gradually become longer. Pole’s shadow keeps moving, and moves around the pole, which form a right-handed direction. The reason why right-handed is that the pole test day was conducted by the ancients in northern hemisphere and that the sun always towards the South. If the ancient people in the southern hemisphere used pole test day, the shadow of rotation is just the opposite of ancients’ observations in northern hemisphere, and shadow will be left-handed. When people want to make mechanical watch, they have been used to right direction of ancients measured time flies, then they naturally chose to use the pointer rotation, which is right-handed way.

Watches in early times are very expensive. In addition to time away, watches are mainly used to show off a status. Nowadays, with our living standards continue to improve and technology develops fast, watches have become popular. Moreover, they have been quickly regarded as fashion focus or the symbol of success by people.