July 21, 2024

Patek Philippe London Exhibition 2015 Gallery

Let’s cut to the chase, the Patek London exhibition that opened today at the Saatchi Gallery is a big deal. It’s a big deal for a brand that could find itself reaching out to a younger audience in a strong marketplace for itself and it’s a big deal for its UK based collectors.

Hidden away from the video screens and the many Gems that have flown over from their home in the museum in Geneva is a solitary cabinet, a veritable sweetie jar for lovers of all things Philippe Stern.

For the London exhibition, the former President has allowed the creation of some limited discontinued icons such as the 5070, 5970 and 3970 with beautiful un-seen dials and colour combinations. First of all you believe your eyes are deceiving you, then reality sets in, this is an opportunity to acquire history.

Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition Brings Historical Timepieces To London

Limited to a maximum of five pieces each these will be the hottest property in Horology for the next few weeks as collectors realise that these could be the last iterations of these classic timepieces. In many ways they have over-shadowed the limited edition London exhibition watches, themselves some beautiful pieces with simple Breguet numerals mounted on stylish dials.

Patek wanted to make a point in perhaps the greatest Capital City in Europe. Today they announced that they can still deliver a show in terms of quality, history and desirability that few brands can match.

And I left comfortable as a collector and investor that despite a simply stunning collection of Lemania based historical pieces seeing daylight for the first time, not a single 5004 will be added. Even Philippe Stern would not tinker with the new 2499.

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