May 23, 2024

Hi everyone,

I read very often your posts on PuristsPro, even If I am quiet.
Today I want to share with you my views : as any fellow Purists know,  the eight hexagonal screws are in white gold on our Royal Oak, whatever the metal of the model.
( BTW there are steel screws on the Offshore, correct me if I am wrong).
The white gold become more yellow with the time, you can like it or not.
I find this cool on my QP because the screws match with the color of the sun in the Moonphase…. I find it so cool, like a patina.

IMHO, the royal oak chrono (aka Kasparov) e.g ref 25860 is discontinued, and it seems a bigger watch ref.26320 took its place….
The AP QP ref. 25820, and its skeleton version 25829 are also discontinued …… most probably for a future bigger model.

When the new 44mm Offshore ref. 26400 was introduced many people thougt it was the end of our beloved original  42 mm Offshore, but finally they keep it.
As they keep the iconic Jumbo ref. 15202 aside the new 15400.

So please, keep the 39mm line and stop making freaking pizza for insta-whatever-lovers where movement holds only half the place in the case of the watch ……….. 
(Sorry it was my intolerance minute, but I am broadminded and understand each size find a loving wirst.)

Have a nice 39, 41, 42, and 44 week end smile and a nice patina week end.

(Correct me if I make mistakes, I am not an AP Bible)

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If we are obsessed with the original balance of the original design.

It is a tough alchemy. Which works perfectly with 39 mm.

Then, there is the Royal Oak Off Shore to explore new universes.

Just my point of view.