May 26, 2024

This a long overdue report that I have promised back in June before my dream visit to AP in Switzerland! It was a 2-day visit in Le Brassus, but there was some time to spend in Geneva before and after the trip to Vallee de Joux. I also took the opportunity to tour other parts of Switzerland. Tons of photos were taken in this 14-day trip, the best are selected here for a photo essay to record this memorable experience. Some of you might have seen some real-time photos I’ve posted in IG (@orangedial17), but there are many more I want to share here and thus the report will come in a few instalments smile 
I would like to sincerely thank AP Singapore, in particular the management and boutique, for their kind invite and utmost hospitality for hosting this unforgettable visit to the AP HQ, museum and factory facilities in Le Brassus. Not only have I gained more in-depth knowledge about the history, technology, passion, direction, and many interesting details behind the scene, my respects for the brand, the people and the watch-making spirit within the AP universe have also increased enormously. However, as a customer who simply loves AP watches, my biggest gain from this hospitality is the feeling of being valued by the brand that I value most. It affirms that I am not merely buying AP watches, but collecting them. 
Let’s enjoy the journey! wink
Day 1 – Singapore to Geneva… The Dream Journey Began!
The trip started wonderfully with a long-haul business class travel and the companion of my stylish brand new AP Ceramic Diver. There was no better way to test drive this watch. The full ceramic construction is extremely robust and the watch survived the 15-day trip UNSCATHED despite a 90% wrist time! More on the performance of the watch later… 
Thai Airway Royal Silk Class with fully lie-flat beds, perfect for a 12-hour journey and a 6-hour jet-lag preparation   

My hand carrier… the matching colours were rather coincidental!

Internal flight from Zurich to Geneva. The snow-capped Alps could be seen throughout the 45-minute journey… Amazing! 

Reached Grand Hotel Kempinski in noon… Beautiful lake view from our room!

Complementary chocolate!

Welcome letter and the trip itinerary from AP… Free & Easy for the rest of the 1st day!

Jet d’Eau, one of the landmarks of Geneva

Impressive water jet

The clean and beautiful Geneva Lake… there are many more photos of Geneva, especially the watch boutiques, that would be too overwhelming to share here!

Day 2 – Geneva to Le Brassus… AP, here I come!
Breakfast with a breathtaking view 

On a 1-hour road trip to Vallee de Joux… A beautiful rainbow was spotted!

This is where all AP visitors stay… AP owns this cozy little hotel located just beside AP’s HQ

Welcome fruits and bread basket, and two wonderful ladies On the left is Bindy, the manager of AP Singapore Boutique, and on the right is Carolina, the pleasant guide for our AP tour in Le Brassus

Welcome letter and gifts neatly displayed in the room 

The serene view of Vallee de Joux from our room

Lovely Le Brassus

Yes! I brought along this rare gem, the AP Starwheel Fleur-de-lis version with beautiful hand engravings in a rose gold case. I was fully equipped to start the AP tour! 

===End of Part 1===
It seems that you had a great time, there, in Switzerland.

Now, you saw and liveds some hours in the ” Holy Land “. wink

Your picture of the Ceramic Diver in the bag should be our next Masthead. Wonderful.

Can’t wait for Part II.

All the best,


I knew they were coming smile  So happy you made this journey Wayne.