July 20, 2024

I love AP. It is my favourite watch brand to which most of my collection consists of AP.
My favourite polo shirt is AP branded and many of the social functions I enjoy attending to are also AP sponsored.

Unfortunately, I’ve just experienced my 1st AP service related set back and I would like to share my experience here.

This sad tale begins back on the 4th of June of this year. I told my AD that when my ROO Navy is held at a certain angle – one must be lying on his back with the watch pointed up at the ceiling – starting and stopping the chronograph functions causes the seconds counter at 12 o’clock to jump and skip beats.
The watch came back on the 27th of June with my AD telling me that 3 different AP Technicians could not find anything wrong with the watch.
Oh really?
I wanted to post a video about the symptoms plaguing the Navy but at the time, I trusted the Service Center to do a thorough check. Also, posting a video to YouTube would potentially publicize my problem “to the world” and I didn’t want to do that.
Fine. AP was forcing my hand. Here’s the video:

Chronograph problems

Focus on the seconds counter at 12 o’clock.
After releasing the video on the 16th of July, AP recognizes the problem and will replace the chronograph module of my ROO. Great!
Fast forward the calendar to the 12th of September. My ROO finally came back with a shiny new chronograph module. My AD says that thorough checks have been made and the watch is in ship shape (pardon the lame Navy pun).
This is the 2nd video I took after the repair. Again, focus on the seconds counter at 12 o’clock.

“Fixed” Chronograph problems

U   n   be   lie   va   ble …