July 25, 2024

Not for me… laying low and working at home 🙁

Will find time for a few of these…

And hopefully one of these…

Happy Weekend PuristS!
this weekend and the coming weeks. But my 15202 is next to my armchair and every now and then I’m looking at these two blue-dialled watches side-by-side.
Best, KariNo message bodyLuckily my only Jumbo sized weekend effort so far was to align comrade Perpetual to the actual date & moon. 

Thanks for providing the occasion, Michael! Otherwise this baby would have kept on hibernating for some more months. The reason you see on the pic below:

The bracelet is adjusted to my summer wrist size, in winter it’s just a tad too loose, as my wrist doesn’t expand as it does during the hot season. As it’s just too much of an effort (for me) to take out one link every time the season changes this otherwise gorgeous watch is limited to seasonal wear. If you ask for quibbles with this watch, that’s the only one.