July 21, 2024

majestic Royaloak Jumbo…

and a functioning Royal Oak.
My Royal Oak should tic-tac again next Monday and Aston Martin is one of the three candidates of my next car. Let’s see if at leat the other will materialise.
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in my 15202 which I bought in January this year. Unfortunately the watch stopped saying tic-tock after 20 days on my wrist and the crown dropped off. My brand new RO Perpetual did not last that long, just about 12 wrist days.
Anyhow, AP made a great job. They built my dream oscillating weight – something that fits with the name “Royal Oak” and something they made perfectly from white and red gold. Something I love a lot for several reasons.
I will go to the Service Centre of AP next Monday at 10 am and hope to see that my new rotor is moving with joy unlike the old one. Anyhow, AP is a great brand, they made me just what I wanted and I’m sure they take the technical problems also very seriously. At least the GM of AP FE served a very nice lunch on Tuesday.
Best, Kari  

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No message bodyNo message bodyGreat photos of the RO and AM.