March 3, 2024

I have never seen this one live, but always found the design to be very interesting.  50 piece edition, sand blasted titanium.  
Thoughts on this one?

Such as our beloved JPM or Barrichello. wink



“Limited Editions” and what I think of more as “Limited Versions”.
This Gstaad watch is an example of the latter, along with many other AP watches.  Some of them are very appealing though.
One thing I give AP a great deal of credit for is the “Limited Editions” are really that – they do not re-appear with a different color a year later.  Watches in this category include the Survivor, JPM, RB2, Alinghi, etc.  The true LEs!No message bodyNo message body
The combination of titanium and rubber bezel is unique.  There’s a lot to like with that one.
M4… I don’t think the running seconds hand should have been red as it has nothing to do with the function of the chronograph.
Otherwise a fine specimen smile